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A Better

Niskayuna 2011


 Michael P. Mansion

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Niskayuna, New York  12309




A message from our Town Chair,

Michael Mansion...

As most of you may know, our town spending is way out of control.   For the past several years our public servants have been on seemingly limitless spending sprees.  We have top of the line brand new vehicle fleets, increased staff beyond comprehension and little to show for it.

Our real estate taxes have been increased, our safety has declined, our infrastructure challenges continue to be ignored.

Your vote is needed to put a stop to the abuse and to immediately reduce our spending, to provide the services that our residents desire, to provide safer neighborhoods and change the "child in a candy store" mentality that has already begun to encourage people to consider relocating elsewhere.

  We are very proud of our slate of candidates and we eagerly invite you to call upon them to talk with you about their ideas.

With YOUR help, we WILL make Niskayuna a better place to live, to work, and to raise our families.


Vote Row "B" To make Niskayuna and Schenectady County the best

place to be:   A place to work, live, raise a family, and retire in.


We encourage anyone interested in joining our committee or in assisting us in our efforts to contact our Chairman, Michael Mansion, at 372-1121



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